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Wrapping Paper Round-Up!

I have always loved wrapping presents (as a child I sometimes insisted on wrapping my own) and I’m a paper fanatic so the holidays always give me a chance to play with pattern and color under the tree. Since the prettiest papers can be a little pricey, I like to mix in matching solids or small prints to even out the budget. These sheets are so pretty, they can also be framed as art, or used for other crafts! I’m not going to lie, we don’t dramatically rip open the gifts, and I save all the ribbons and package decor year to year. We even have handmade tags we have used since my girls were little. Pulling them out is sort of like getting the Christmas ornaments out, like greeting old friends and thinking of past holidays.

Here are a few swoon worthy papers that I love this year. Now, if only I can find time to get the presents all wrapped so I can enjoy looking at all the pretty packages!

1. Schumacher Wrapping Paper

2. St. Frank Wrapping Paper

3. The Inside by Havenly Gift Wrap

4. Molly Mahon Wrapping Paper

5. Society 6

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