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shelf styling

Use What You Have! ⁠ Who else is starting to find themselves staring at the walls for long periods of time...? We are home, let's make the most of it! The only tool I needed for this project were my own two hands. I tackled these shelves for a friend a few weeks ago and I thought it would be the perfect time to share. If you are wanting to do something similar in your home, here are my tips:⁠⠀⁣

⁠- Take EVERYTHING out and group by size, eliminating some things as you go.⁣

- Adjust shelves to accommodate some large items like a piece of art or a large sculpture. ⁣

- Clean out the dust and dirt that has collected.⁣

- Make sure the shelves are level! ⁠I like some symmetry in built ins for a cleaner look.⁣

- Start with books. Make nice stacks of larger books and alternate those stacks on your shelves, then do some rows of smaller books on the ends grouped from large to small.⁣

- Pull items from other areas of your house to get the right mix of size and color.⁣

- Leave some space on the sides, centering your groupings in the shelves.  The negative space you leave will give your a cleaner and elevated look! ⁠⠀⁣

That's it! A simple but impactful way to do #isolationcreation. ⁠⠀

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