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For most people, it is hard to walk through a property and imagine how they would live in a space.  And for most sellers, it is hard to imagine your home looking different than the way you personally love it. We do the work for you so that buyers walk in and say "I get it! I can see myself living here!" 

We are able to stage in a variety of decorating styles and we specialize in high end properties.  We cater each package to the home owner or agent, providing the help  you need, whether consulting and providing you with an action plan for your home, or furnishing an empty space utilizing our inventory.  

"Rachel's passion for design comes through in her work, and her creativity brings life to previously dull spaces. I love her less-is-more approach, where she helps clients declutter, organize and create open spaces that welcome potential buyers home."

 - Renee Barfoot, Martin Barfoot Real Estate

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