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As a parent with two freshmen - one in high school and one in college - I’ve been thinking about how our home is about to turn into virtual classrooms...and how it could be tough for these kids to be isolated in their studies without the social part of school. To make the transition a little happier, how about getting creative with a fresh study space?  So this one’s for all the students back at home or stuck at home...


1. Decide where your best place or places to study will be. Make sure you have a place other than your bed to sit and work, that you have good lighting, and room for your computer and writing space. 

2. Set up your space with your supplies - negotiate for a little online back to school shopping :). You don’t have to pack your supplies between classes, so unpack your backpack and gather some cool containers for all your stuff!

3. Make it cheerful and organized with a bulletin board, some pics or notes from your friends, maybe even some fun removable wallpaper!

4. Your classroom is like your home office - if you were starting a job with your own office, how would you decorate it? 

Our surroundings have a huge impact on how we feel and how successful we are. You guys have a big change coming  but we hope that a little creative prep time on your study space will help smooth the transition! 

study space.jpg

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