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Welcome to Tate Studio, where design is more than aesthetics; it's a reflection of your story and lifestyle. Founded by Rachel Buxkamper, our studio brings a wealth of entrepreneurial spirit and diverse expertise from the worlds of luxury retail and interior design. Rachel's journey, shaped by years at Neiman Marcus, Horchow, a design-centric non-profit, and an AD100 interior design firm, has cultivated a broad perspective and a discerning eye for quality, proportion, and fine design. With a robust portfolio that spans from one-room makeovers to extensive renovations, we take pride in our ability to transform spaces with creativity and precision.  At Tate Studio, every project is a story, and our diverse range of experiences allows us to tailor our design approach to meet the individual needs and dreams of our clients. Join us as we continue to weave these stories, one design at a time.

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Design Philosophy

At Tate Studio, we believe good design should be accessible and flexible. Our competitive hourly rates and commitment to finding value for our clients challenge the traditional designer model. We explore a diverse range of retailers, from high-end showrooms to local gems, emphasizing the importance of a mix in design elements.


Emphasis on Art

Rachel's passion for supporting local and original artists is at the heart of Tate Studio's design philosophy. We believe art should be a fundamental element in interior design, and our projects often showcase collaborations with talented local artists.


Collaborative Approach

Our studio is dedicated to being a firm for "real people" with diverse needs and lifestyles. We prioritize creating interiors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal. Collaborating closely with our clients, we avoid trends in favor of crafting layered and interesting spaces that reflect their unique personalities.


Practical Design

Tate Studio is committed to designing spaces that are not just beautiful but also practical and family-friendly. Our designs balance aesthetics with functionality, using materials and furniture that are both durable and comfortable.


Positive Client Feedback and Reputation

Our effective and collaborative design process has garnered positive feedback from clients who appreciate our understanding of their personalities and needs. Tate Studio is known for working within budgets without compromising on quality, building a reputation for client satisfaction.

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