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TATE studio is a full-service interior design firm based in Dallas, Texas.   Whether remodeling an existing home or building an entirely new space, or even using our services to style or "remix" what you already have, TATE studio will work with you to create a living environment that matches your lifestyle, while always keeping in mind your budget and goals.  If you're ready to get started, jump to our Design Inquiry Form here! 

“Good design for all” is our mantra.  We define “good design” as design that simplifies your life, makes you smile, shows off your personality and style, helps you to relax and recharge -- or to hustle and get things done – in other words, good design is defined by each client and project.  Good design is comfortable, and good design should never mean that you can’t take a vacation this year.  Good design is not just for fancy people.  It should not be intimidating, and it should not break the bank.  We are problem solvers.  We are collaborators. We are people-people.  And we love what we do.

We keep it simple. We charge hourly for our services, and we pass on lots of discounts to you so your budget will go further.  Hours will go toward things like sourcing, design strategy, space planning, styling, and installing – whichever combo of these that your project requires.  Many of our clients have not used an interior designer before, and we do not have a minimum to take on a project. 


We start with getting to know you and your lifestyle so we can ensure that this is reflected in your home’s design, and that we are fit for one another for your project.  We will ask questions and walk through your rooms to determine your goals, frustrations, your likes and dislikes, your story and your budget – we define the scope of your project together. At the end of our consultation we will determine our next steps together. Next steps vary for each project, but consist of some combination of the following.



We might begin with a styling session if you aren’t starting from ground zero.  This means we schedule a time to come back and restyle or “remix” what you already have.  Or what you have plus or minus a few things.  This initial session helps us to get to know your space more and to determine what can be used in different ways.  We want your home to tell your story, and finding your treasures and using them in unexpected ways is one of our favorite parts of the design process. 


We will formulate a plan for your project, then review it with you. This plan is crucial to creating synergy.  It is our game plan, step by step, and it includes a custom combination of visual design concepts and layouts, sourcing/product options,, swatch and materials samples, custom furniture, upholstery and window treatments, floor plans, and budget proposals.  We do not have a limit on our collaboration with our clients. 


This is the big day!  We come in and transform your space into the design we came up with, and you come home to our favorite part – the reveal!  For large projects, this can be broken into smaller pieces or done by room. 

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