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We are excited to announce that we are diving right into a new partnership that will allow us to give back to the community! We’ve long been fans of the work that Interfaith Family Services does to help families in crisis break the cycle of poverty. We’re taking our fandom one step further with our new role as Interfaith’s Design Partner. In this role we will prepare apartments for move ins, keep donated inventory fresh and organized, and most importantly, help them to secure the items needed to make each apartment a warm, safe and welcoming home. 

How you can help

Industry Partnership

We need your help with donations of apartment-sized, good condition furniture, decor and lighting. Designers, as you downsize or redecorate think of Interfaith! Manufacturers, we take samples and seconds, and we need partners! Contact us below to donate

or to get involved!


Original and handmade art makes ALL the difference in these spaces!That piece that didn’t turn out just right or didn’t sell - we would love to use it! Want to get your craft on? DIY some pieces for us! We can even provide some projects if you have a small group who wants to do this together!  


Interfaith accepts a range of donations, but there are some things they cannot use, so let us know what you've got.  They also love a gift card from Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart etc to help fill in the needs.

And they do pickups for large furniture the last Thursday of each month. 

Click below to get more details!