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Start with Art: The Role of Art in Interior Design

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I've meant to write a post about art for so long. I delayed because there is so much art that I love and thre are so many things to say about art. It is hard to put into words what it is about art that can move you, or bring a space to life, especially when you are a better visualizer than writer. But today I've indulged in some rabbit holes in an effort to help a young couple and one of our favorite clients start to think about the placement of art in their new home, as they begin a new chapter with the arrival of their precious little daughter. So I will just write this post through that lens, and worry about all the other lenses some other time.

ALG art gallery in Dallas, Texas with various works of colorful, original art.

photo courtesy D Magazine and ALG Gallery

Finding a Connection When I asked our clients about art we talked about both the budget and the connection. Like many clients, they expressed that they would like their art to "mean something" to them. Yes! They said that maybe a local artist would add meaning, in terms of sense of place and supporting the work around them from a geographical point of view. So we started there. I always go to artists with whom I have worked with in the past first, where I have relationships. Not just because I love their work, but because of the person behind the art - how they go about the business of creating art. It is fascinating to me. So today, let's start with Rachel Nash. I met Rachel years ago when she had a gallery in Deep Ellum. At that time, I was working for Dwell with Dignity and we connected on the. basic level of helping others. Helping new art collectors to choose art. Helping kids to express their feelings through art. Rachel is a licensed art therapist, and that resonated. Her art has evolved so interestingly but what has remained is the thought behind the pieces.

Dallas artist Rachel Nash with her original art pieces.

photo courtesy Rachel Nash

Commissioning Art Here are some of the commissions Rachel has done for TATE studio over the years. And if the word "commission" scares you, do not be afraid! Not all, but many artists, will take commissions. The price of a commission is usually no different than a piece that is already painted. It just requires a love of the artist's work and a level of trust in their process.

Original West Texas abstract landscape art by Dallas artist Rachel Nash, with a black Shaker style wood bench.

photo courtesy Kelly Christine Photo For our Casa del Lago lakehouse project, our client hails from West Texas. Rachel also has a connection to West Texas, where she loves to spend time on a family ranch with her husband and 3 boys. For this piece, our client asked for a piece with more mountains and hills. Rachel always takes time to write about her pieces, and for this one she wrote: " wanted more mountains and I gave you mountains. You wanted hills, and I gave you hills. So, what will you do with these mountains? What will you do with these hills? What will you climb? What will you traverse? And when you look back at what you did with these mountains, and what you have accomplished, with what you have conquered, what will you do with it?"

Nine colorful abstract art pieces in gold bamboo frames overe a burlwood console with a hot pink lamp.

Pivot for our Colorful Cottage project! Groupings are such a great way to make a big statement that is differientated from larger pieces of art. For this series, I showed Rachel the colorful vibe that is our client's jam, and she went to town creating these charming abstract color stories for us. I still cannot choose a favorite - I just love how all the colors play together so joyfully.

Artist Rachel Nash at work on colorful abstract pieces in her art studio.

This series of abstract paintings was part of an art pop-up we did when I had a store on Henderson. Rachel met the challenge of coming up with a series of fun, bright and affordable art for our pop-up!

In this little commision, a gift for my boyfriend, Rachel used the photo I took in Lake Tahoe to create a small landscape that he has in his bathroom. I love how she painted it on the natural linen, and how it reminds us of a fun family trip we experienced.

Commissioned art piece by artist Rachel Nash with colorful lines in a wood frame.

This piece is part of a series that Rachel started during Covid, based on hash marks she made to "count her blessings." This one was done to represent all the things I love about someone. A little piece done to give as a gift. Art is the best kind of gift in my opinion.

Check out Rachel's instagram to see her latest iteration in this series!

Rachel's art is now shown with three other amazing artists whom I love in a fabulous Design District art gallery called ALG Collective. I highly suggest a visit!

There is so much more to say about incorporating art into your environment and the ways to find art, so maybe we need a little blog series! More to come on our favorite local artists, favorite galleries, both physical and digital, and the ways we curate art throughout a specific project. For help with your own art just drop us a line at!

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