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white paint colors

White paint colors are not all created equal, which makes choosing one pretty tricky!  There are so many options in tones and undertones, warm vs. cool tones, and finishes.  We have used lots of whites on our projects, and we've narrowed it down to six basics we think work well in every home. Here is a little more about the whites we love and why. 


White Dove from Benjamin Moore reflects light beautifully, with creamy grey undertones.  It is a warm white that is not too cool but does not go creamy or yellow.  It has a very soft warmth that is inviting but still contains a crisp look.  We love it especially for trim and cabinets, and in spaces with lots of natural light.  

2. BENJAMIN MOORE swiss coffee
Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee is a warm and welcoming white.  It works well in traditional spaces and with other creamy hues. In contrast to a bright, crisp white, this off-white paint color is a sophisticated option.  A hint with creamy whites - different lighting conditions can affect the look, so if it's almost but not quite right, we sometimes use a 75% strength of this shade.

3. BENJAMIN MOORE simply white
Simply White by Benjamin Moore is a frequent go-to for us for its versatility.  It's a crisp, clean bright white, but it works with both warm and cool tones.  It works for walls, trim, cabinetry and ceilings.  Simply White is probably the closest to a pure white on our list.  

4. sherwin williams alabaster

This paint color is a soft barely off-white. It has some warmth but it is not creamy. Compared to White Dove, Alabaster is less creamy and more of a true white.  We like that it is a naturally flattering hue with little undertone - not stark or overly warm. It works well with colorful furnishings and art. 

5.  BENJAMIN MOORe chantilly lace
Chantilly Lace is also a pretty pure shade of white - a bright white with minimal undertones.  It is a clean, cool white that gives us a bright white space without being sterile or cold.  The majority of its use is for millwork because it’s a ‘pure’ white, while it works well on the walls for a modern and streamlined style with good natural light.

6.  BENJAMIN MOORe decorator's white

Decorators White falls under a cool undertone of an off-white. It contains a little gray, creating an off-white option that doesn't lean in any particular color tone, but it's a softer version of a pure white such as Chantilly Lace.  It has a touch of gray that softens it and makes it a perfect choice for cabinets and trim, or for a wall paint color if you want a fairly pure white that's not too stark.


Coming soon...more about paint finishes , great wall and trim combos and tricks to employ when selecting paint colors, along with more of our faves!

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