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A Family Escape on Lake Kiowa

One of our largest projects to date has to be this incredible home on Lake Kiowa, only a 90 minute drive from Dallas. This home was built by Sofey Construction & Design Company with the intention of becoming a second home for the owners, a gathering place for their large family, and to eventually become the couple’s full-time home after retirement.

The family-focused needs for this design definitely impacted our decision making process for unique design elements throughout the home. We were very intentional about maximizing functional space in this design, ensuring that 24 people could sleep here at once as well as doubling the living space of the home when the large doors are completely opened up to the back patio.

We were originally introduced to this client when they reached out to us about taking their daughter’s room from little girl to a teen design. Eventually we learned about their long-term vision for their Lake Kiowa home and immediately began sketching furniture designs on their architectural plans for the finished lake house.

This home is truly the quintessential lake house with a stunning view that impacted many of our design decisions throughout this project! These spaces were designed for both relaxing and entertaining with their entire extended family and friends. We also made sure the design would transition easily into their permanent residence down the road when they are ready to retire.

When designing a home that will be equally used by adults and kids, we keep durability and function in mind throughout the entire process. All of the upholstered pieces inside and outside of the home are performance fabrics; even the white sofas in the living area are stain resistant and easily cleaned with wet wipes or even bleach.

Another functional space that was high on the list of requests from mom is what we dubbed the lake room. It’s area with an outdoor shower for the kids to clean off after a day in the water that also provides a landing spot for towels and swimsuits.

Speaking of the kids, we had the most fun designing their rooms! We wanted each space to have a lot of personality and flow nicely with the rest of the home. The bunk rooms will be used for extended family and friends as well as kids. That’s why we incorporated queen beds on the bottom bunks. This home will sleep 24 comfortably, not including the kids’ sleeping loft, which has custom shelving to hold sleeping bags and mats - all tied into a fun campout theme.

Ultimately this project was such a joy to work on and we are honored have designed these spaces for years of special family memories to come!

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