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Pulling Back the Curtain

Updated: May 20, 2023

Window treatments are commonly overlooked in decorating but they deserve our full attention! They can be either functional or decorative - or strike a balance between the two. We do them all, and here are a few of our favorite options! Drapery

Drapery can serve to soften a room, give it a cozier feel and also add a layer of luxury to a space. They can add drama or a luxe vibe to a room. And they can be fully functioning (open and close completely) or be done simply as decorative panels, leaving the natural light to shine in, or layered with sheers, roman shades or roller shades, for privacy. Most commonly we do a fully-lined, 3-finger pinch pleat drapery panel in solid linen. Adding a gorgeous tape trim to the leading edges (inside edges) finishes them off and adds another layer of detail that can tie a room’s design together. With a quick ship program from our partner Fabricut, we can offer panels in several sizes and multiple solid fabrics at great prices with fast lead times.

Sources: Fabricut and Schumacher

We also love a patterned drapery to add color and personality to a room. In this main bedroom we used matching fabric and wallpaper for a look of continuity, and we layered in white natural shades for nighttime privacy.

Source: Osborne & Little for fabric & wallpaper

Roman Shades

While there are tons of different styles of roman shades, one favorite is the simple flat panel style. They provide a lovely line of fabric when down, and fold nicely in a tailored way when up. We use both inside mount (for a clean look) and outside mount (when we need to block more light).

courtesy TATE studio

source: Schumacher fabric

Another new favorite is the “faux roman!” Sometimes you just need something to finish off a window, but you do not plan to open and close the shade. We used these on a pair of French Doors that already had internal shades, for example. And in bedrooms where you want to hide a blackout roller shade they are also perfect!

Roller Shades

These are the most modern and least visible option for windows. We love to do a cassette covered in the same material as the shades and coordinating to the window trim for a seamless look. You can go fancy with motorized shades and an app to control them, or go with manual operation. We use a variety of shade densities, depending on how much light versus privacy is needed in a room. We use the local brand Texton for all of our roller shades, and their quality and prices can’t be beat!

Via Texton

Via Texton

Motorized shades are very popular for good reason. We use these the most when there are multiple or very large windows needing shades. Operating your motorized shades can be as simple or connected as you want! Whether it’s a simple hand-held remote, or connecting to a home automation platform like Control 4 or similar, we use TEXTON’s motorization systems for ultimate flexibility.

Remote Control: Control your shades with a simple button-press on your hand-held remote. App Control: Using an app for your smartphone plus an internet hub, your shades can be controlled from your home or anywhere in the world. Voice Control: Using your smart speaker (Ie Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri) plus a wifi hub, your can simply control your shades by voice commands. Wall Switch: TEXTON motorization systems can be controlled by a switch placed directly on your wall, matching existing decor. Third-party Integration: All of TEXTON motorization systems can connect to other home automation systems such as Savant, Control4, Lutron, Crestron and others.

Roller shades can also be a great solution over French doors as shown here.

Photo credit Emily Henderson

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